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A Little More Love Body Serum Sample Pack

A Little More Love Body Serum Sample Pack



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Women and children living in poverty.


Provides scholarships to support education for low-income families in developing nations and the U.S.


One Love Organics donates 1% of their annual revenue to CARE and The Children’s Scholarship Fund to support families living in poverty.


New York, New York

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If you can’t decide which amazing aromatic scent of the body serums to try first, you’re in luck. A Little More Love lets you sample each rich and soothing serum so you can decide the right fragrance for you.

Details & Care

Single use samples of Rose, Chamomile, Lavender and Neroli Body Serums.


Ships in 72 hours
14 Day Return Policy

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Meet the Maker

One Love Organics
Natural, ethical, environmentally-friendly cosmetics made with love.

Their story

“Our 100% pure, preservative-free formulas draw on scientific rigor, nutritional expertise and generational wisdom to deliver the best possible stuff in just a few long-lasting products.” ~Suzanne LeRoux, Founder and CEO

One Love Organics is a unique line of cosmetics that offers a simpler approach to beauty: a sensitive yet effective alternative to all those ubiquitous bottles and the mysterious stuff they contain.

Created by skilled artisans, these products are handmade and hand-filled, using only the highest grade of ethically sourced raw materials to ensure the most effective, luxurious and guilt-free application.

One Love’s philosophy is focused on a few supreme products - not up-selling a medicine cabinet full of mysterious jars. Their creams and balms give skin what it needs, using only ingredients that provide direct benefits. (Hint: water isn't one of them!) Because their products are so pure, they work for everyone in the family, from the newest babies to the greatest of grandmas.

The company was started by Suzanne LeRoux, who has always been a believer in beauty products. She is also a believer in alternative healing - so much so that she decided to formally study holistic nutrition, herbs and aromatherapy in addition to her day job as a lawyer. It was from these studies that One Love was born. After five years of moonlighting as a beauty alchemist, Suzanne took up the cosmetic arts full time.

In addition to improving lives through their all-natural products, One Love commits a portion of its annual net revenue to nonprofit organizations that help women break the cycle of poverty and children go to school. Pretty great, huh?

Why we love them

To be honest, the very first enticing thing about these products is the packaging. Bright. Clean. Pure. The bottles look like medicine bottles, which is appropriate - because they work more like elixirs than like beauty products. (And we mean that in the best way!)

Because these cosmetics are made from 100% pure, organic, and preservative-free materials, they are naturally better for your skin. The team at One Love Organics has distilled everything that’s good for your complexion into a few high-quality ingredients and gotten rid of all the rest. That leaves pure goodness in every bottle and nothing else.

The difference between One Love and other brands you’ll find in stores becomes immediately apparent when you crack open a bottle and use one of their products. The Supercritical Chia oil is a favorite of ours here at Given Goods. We’re based in Boulder, Colorado where the air can get extremely dry, so keeping our skin hydrated with the right products is essential. This oil is amazingly moisturizing and leaves absolutely no shiny or greasy residue on our skin. One little drop is all you need, and you won't see a hint of dryness the rest of the day.

There’s a reason we’ve spotted One Love Organics in nearly every fashion and beauty magazine recently. Their products are really that good. Plus, we love that they’re giving back through philanthropy and environmentally-friendly business practices. One Love. Two thumbs, way up.