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Bath Salt

Bath Salt



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Individuals in need of lifesaving clean water and hygienic products.


Provides clean water to communities in need and aids in the environmental preservation of endangered rainforests in Southeast Asia.


Hand in Hand provides life-saving soap and sustainable water solutions to the developing world through a one-for-one business model and their Clean Water Program initiative. Hand in Hand also partners with environmental organizations to preserve island habitats and neutralize carbon footprints.


Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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Take some well-deserved you time with a soak in these Bolivian Rose salts. With purifying essential oils for a relaxing aromatic therapy session, it’s the perfect way to unwind and de-stress every time you need a breather.

Details & Care

20 ounces. Ethically hand harvested salts from the Andes in South America. Packaged with American glass.


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Meet the Maker

Hand in Hand
Saving lives through sustainable suds

Their story

Hand in Hand is a social enterprise created in response to the difficulty non profit organizations typically encounter with funding. Husband and wife team Courtney and Bill wanted to find a household product that could transform peoples lives domestically and within the developing world. Three years of brainstorming led them to settle on soap, after coming across statistics that indicated 5 million people a year die of diseases caused by lack of sanitary water and hygienic products. They knew that soap could not only drastically change lives, but is a product that those in developed nations take for granted. At the very least, they wanted to raise awareness of the dire need for such sanitary products in many countries around the world.

Bill and Courtney believe in holistic and transparent business practices. Providing immediate assistance in the form of a bar of soap was just the beginning. They strive to help create sustainable solutions for unsanitary water in places destroyed by natural disasters and severe poverty, such as Haiti, by building wells that give consistent and life-saving water to communities. They also work to employ environmentally friendly practices in the manufacturing of all of their products while partnering with a non profit organization that saves 50 square feet of rainforest in Southeast Asia with every bar purchased. Completely dedicated to creating a business that helps people, the environment and the way we shop, Hand in Hand truly is a revolutionary endeavor that’s making leaps and bounds in sustainable commerce.

Why we love them

We were astounded when Hand in Hand first came on our radar. The amount that founders Bill and Courtney have done to create a sustainable and transparent business is utterly impressive. Not only do they have a one-for-one business model that gives families and communities life saving hygienic products, they help to provide wells, ensure their products have a neutral carbon footprint, and save the rainforest. Oh, and did we mention their absolutely fabulous, American made, deliciously scented, all natural, cruelty free and vegan products?

We have to admit, we have become particularly attached to the bar soaps, which are where it all began for Hand in Hand. Sea salt and shea butter combine for pure and delightful scents of all kinds.

We want every scent of every product in every room of our house, and we definitely want to give them all to our friends and families for gift-giving occasions. Hand in Hand has set an incredible example for the future of sustainable business practices and we are are in love (as well as squeaky clean and smelling fresh!). We can’t wait to see what else Bill and Courtney have up their sleeves, because it’s sure to be a game-changer.

Bath Salt
Bath Salt