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Dinosaur Notebook Set

Dinosaur Notebook Set



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Impoverished communities in Kenya as well as the preservation of land in Lewis, Iowa.


Supports environmental preservation through sustainable materials and low-impact production and economic development by fighting extreme poverty in Kenya.


Little Alexander uses 100% recycled materials and reclaimed scrap in their low impact production, while investing 10% of proceeds from Given Goods in efforts to fight poverty in Kenya through GiveDirectly.


Nairobi, Kenya

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This set of notebooks features a different dinosaur illustration on each cover. You'll get a Stegosaurus, Pteranodon (aka Pterodactyl), Triceratops, Apatosaurus (aka Brontosaurus) and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Prepare to let that inner child out!

Details & Care

Set of 5 notebooks. 5 3/8 inches x 7 5/8 inches. 100% recycled paper made by a family-run paper mill using all hydroelectric power. Cardstock weight covers, sturdy but flexible. 20 sheets (40 pages) in each notebook.


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Meet the Maker

Little Alexander
Whimsical stationery inspired by nature.

Their story

Little Alexander, created by K + A Alesandrini, is a project that stemmed from their love of design and interest in creating something inspired by nature. Inseparable since middle school, the pair went to college in Seattle together, where they worked and enjoyed the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest. After making the move to rural Iowa in an effort to create a simpler and more holistic life for themselves, Little Alexander became their way of combining their talents and passions with their day jobs.

K (Kate), known as the “eyes” of the duo, holds a degree in illustration and is the artist behind the beautiful drawings, prints and notecards of Little Alexander. A (Anne), the “voice”, is the skilled hands behind the stitching of each product and the one who interacts and corresponds with customers on a daily basis.

Dedicated to celebrating the beauty of nature and the preservation of the environment, K + A also give 10% of their proceeds to GiveDirectly—an organization working to combat extreme poverty in an efficient, transparent and respectful manner. Currently focusing on the Rarieda District in Western Kenya, GiveDirectly's average recipient lives on $0.65 per day, and only 18% of eligible households report having enough food for tomorrow.

K + A strive to create products that reflect their love of the world while using 100% recycled content or reclaimed scrap for their materials. They ship their goods in paper and cardboard and encourage their customers to recycle the packaging. Their farmland near Lewis, Iowa is where they grow as much of their own food as they can, have honeybees and chickens and are currently endeavoring to restore part of their acreage to tall grass prairie and planting as many native species as their space allows.

Why we love them

Little Alexander is a project created completely out of love. Love for each other, nature, design, connecting with others and the world in general. And it’s apparent in everything they do. We love their whimsical and adorable designs, and the fact that they absolutely practice what they preach. Living on three acres of gorgeous rural farmland in Iowa, they live a simple and beautiful life that is perfectly reflected in their lovingly made products. Not to mention their little one, known as IX, who we have a sneaking suspicion probably loves the dinosaur designs (but really, who doesn’t?).

It’s always refreshing to see a quality, handmade product that is more about holistic living and environmental stewardship than making it the quick and painless way. We just can’t get enough of Little Alexander’s incredible paper goods and their outlook on life!

Dinosaur Notebook Set
Dinosaur Notebook Set