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Eat Well Napkins

Eat Well Napkins



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American makers and senior citizens in the U.S.


Fights hunger by helping to fund warm meal deliveries to seniors across America through Meals on Wheels.


By connecting carefully chosen domestic artists with a larger consumer audience and donating a portion of all profits to Meals on Wheels, Catherine’s Table is dedicated living the company's values of American made craftsmanship and soulful and inspirational living, starting around the dinner table.


Atlanta, Georgia

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Product Details


This adorable pattern is a playful way to dress up an otherwise ordinary tabletop. A perfect reminder for yourself and anyone you share a meal with to sit back, relax and eat well. Another Nicole Porter creation, these napkins are handmade from start to finish. Nicole drew the flateware silhouette by hand, reproduced it on her computer, created the decal, and used a heat press to add the image to each napkin.

Details & Care

20 x 20 inches. Set of 4. Colorfast pigments; machine wash cold, tumble dry on low heat


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30 Day Return Policy

Product Q&A

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Meet the Maker

Catherine's Table
Handcrafted tabletop goods helping to feed homebound seniors.

Their story

Husband and wife duo Maureen and Mark Goldman wanted to create a business that incorporated the comfort of handcrafted goods and the unique atmosphere that comes from spending time with loved ones. After recounting fond conversations and memories of their own family, they decided the unifying factor was the dinner table, and Catherine’s Table was born. Dedicated to the art of handcrafted home goods and supporting American artisans and the economy, Catherine’s Table is a celebration of home and the warmth that comes from connecting with family and friends.

The name Catherine’s Table comes from Maureen’s aunt Kay, a matriarchal figure who taught Maureen how to sew, iron, shuck corn, churn butter, and most importantly, be a gracious and loving hostess. Maureen translates these values and memories into the products she seeks and hopes that the goods from Catherine’s Table help to evoke the same fond memories and inspire families to create new ones as well.

Maureen and Mark realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to share in warm meals and warm conversation with loved ones, and they partner with Meals on Wheels Association of America to help provide nutritious meals to homebound senior citizens who don’t always have access to a necessary and comforting dinner. Meals on Wheels delivers hot meals to the 1 in 7 seniors threatened by hunger. Their efforts have helped millions.

Why we love them

There’s just nothing quite like a warm, home-cooked meal. The aromas, the warmth of an oven roasting up something delicious, the sound of dishes clinking and friends laughing all conjure up memories of amazing times surrounded by the people you care about most. That feeling is what Catherine’s Table has been able to capture with their amazing collection of handcrafted artisanal kitchen and dining ware. Not only do we love the rustic touches mixed with a contemporary feel, we can’t get enough of how each piece is made for functional, everyday use, and is made to withstand the dishwasher, washing machine, and all the wear and tear a well-loved item encounters. Catherine’s Table chooses handmade goods that add an extra layer of comfort and personality to your story.

We also can’t get enough of the fact that this company was started with love, for love and by love. We love love! A family business dedicated to helping other families, American artisans and homebound senior citizens in need of comfort, companionship and warm meals is definitely a cause that we can get behind, and better yet – eat dinner with!

Eat Well Napkins
Eat Well Napkins