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Monogrammed Lux Camera Strap

Monogrammed Lux Camera Strap



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Individuals and families who have endured and overcome severe hardships and adversity.


Supports philanthropic arts and humanities projects to inspire and help heal individuals and families overcoming adversity.


By donating 10% of profits to Fotolanthropy, FOTOSTRAP creates cathartic art to preserve inspirational stories and inspire others to remain strong in the face of adversity.


Fort Worth, Texas

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Product Details


Monogrammed FOTOSTRAP camera straps are the essential gift for every photographer (including yourself!). Pick up to 14 characters and truly make this strap your own with your color of choice. Made entirely of durable, soft 100% leather. This strap will take you around the world and back, and now everyone will know it's yours!

Details & Care

Total adjustable length: 46 ½ - 49 ½ inches. 1 ½ inches wide canvas strap with a 8 x 2 ½ inch ergonomic shoulder pad with non-slip padding. Brass hardware.


Ships in 48 hours (monogramed ships in 5 days)
30 Day Return Policy (monogramed is final sale)

Product Q&A

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Meet the Maker

The camera strap that gives back.

Their story

"I did not want to design an ordinary camera strap, but one that could make a difference. With every purchase, we give to a movement of artists capturing inspiring true stories." - Katie Norris, Founder

Photography is an art that requires precision, attention to detail, and a sense of fashion. Fotostrap has created a line of camera straps that meet all those same requirements. They are vintage-inspired straps designed to complement today’s styles and trends. Offered in a variety of different colors and patterns, they empower the photographer to further represent their brand and personality. Another fashionable aspect of these straps is that they are designed to rest lower than the average camera strap to give a relaxed look.

Fotostrap even offers the option of a monogram, which makes the perfect gift for the photographer in your life. You can personalize yours by adding text, a short phrase, initials, a traditional monogram, or even a business logo to the leather shoulder pad that comes with the Fotostrap!

The best part about these products is that they give back in a very creative way. With every purchase, Fotostrap donates 10% to Fotolanthropy, the company’s nonprofit arm that gives free portrait sessions and creates short films to inspire people who are overcoming adversity. By choosing Fotostrap, you are directly helping to fund Fotolanthropy, so they can continue to give, capture and share inspiring true stories.

Why we love them

As lovers of travel, photography is very close to our hearts. And we appreciate a fine camera strap when we see one. After all, that camera never leaves your side when you’re out on the road seeing the world. You’d never want to miss the perfect photo op because your camera was tucked away inside your bag - which means it’s pretty much always on your shoulder or in your hand. So why not turn that strap into a fashionable accessory?

We absolutely LOVE Fotostrap’s designs, with genuine leather shoulder pads (that you can monogram!) and straps that come in several colors to suit your taste. The length of the strap is perfect, mimicking the length of a cross body bag so the camera never gets in your way during travel adventures, but is always accessible when you need to capture an amazing shot.

In addition, the company’s giveback mission is undeniably awesome. Each strap you buy helps support Fotolanthropy, which provides a platform for people overcoming adversity to tell their stories through photography and film. Founder Katie Norris wanted a sustainable source of funding to continue her charitable work and thus Fotostrap was born. We’ve seen some of Fotolanthropy’s work, and it's truly a worthwhile cause to support. Recently nationally recognized for their documentary about a soldier and his incredible story, Fotolanthropy will continue to bring out the best in all of us.

Monogrammed Lux Camera Strap
Monogrammed Lux Camera Strap