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"Origins” Striped Scarf

"Origins” Striped Scarf



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Artisans working in the textile industry in India.


Creates sustainable job opportunities for artisans in India while preserving their traditional craft.


Through fair trade practices and connecting artisans to the global market, SLOWCOLOR provides fair wages and steady work for artisans.


Hyderabad, India

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Classic stripes and contemporary colors make this gorgeous scarf your go-to accessory. We love that it’s lightweight and long enough to get creative with - double it up, wear it as a shawl, or make a headwrap. How will you wear it?

Details & Care

24 x 74 inches. 3 inch fringe.


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Meet the Maker

Keeping alive the traditions of handmade fabrics while clothing the world in beauty, health and responsibility.

Their story

You’ve probably heard of Slow Food, the movement that’s challenging modern conventions of “fast food” with more traditional methods of preparation and higher quality ingredients. SLOWCOLOR is doing sort of the same thing, but for textiles. For decades, powerlooms have churned out garments faster and cheaper than the more labor-intensive traditions of handweaving and looming by skilled artisans. But according to SLOWCOLOR, it’s caused the quality of garments and their impact on the environment to suffer.

SLOWCOLOR is on a mission to bring the traditional methods back and, in the process, revive a community of handweavers who have long been out of work. Partnering with master weavers in the city of Hyderabad, India, they’re implementing time-honored dyeing techniques using 100% naturally dyed and hand made fabrics to turn out “textiles with a conscience.”

SLOWCOLOR pays their weavers four times the normal rate, providing a life-changing livable wage. And in an eco-conscious move, they have substituted flax for cotton to drastically reduce the amount of water used in production. But their high standards are what really set them apart from other eco-friendly organizations. They strive to become the standard for fairly traded eco-textiles. “Although our vision is to create a global brand, we work locally to sustain natural dyeing traditions.” says founder and Chief Co(r)evolution Officer Sanjay Rajan. With a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, SLOWCOLOR is revolutionizing the way we think about clothes.

Why we love them

Here at Given Goods HQ we’re kind of freaks about quality. Most of us would rather invest in a few top-notch pieces that will last until our sons and daughters want to borrow them because they’re “retro,” than buy an abundance of cheaply-made, cheaply-priced items that will likely wind up in the donation bin before next season.

It’s pretty rare when our high standards for quality also happen to meet impeccable, timeless design. Right now you are witnessing one of those rare moments. We’ve struck fashion-snob gold with SLOWCOLOR’s amazing handmade collections of scarves, blankets and throws.

The quality and design that we love so much in these products can be attributed 100% to the methods SLOWCOLOR uses to make each and every one. This brand is going back to the basics, working with master weavers in India who have been perfecting their craft for decades, but who have been largely replaced by power looms and who are losing their livelihoods. SLOWCOLOR is on a mission to keep their tradition alive. Luckily, it’s bringing us some of the best made, naturally dyed, fairly traded textiles we’ve ever seen.

We’re totally inspired—not just by the beauty of these fabrics, but by the way SLOWCOLOR is asking us to rethink our buying decisions when it comes to clothes.

"Origins” Striped Scarf
"Origins” Striped Scarf