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Shake Tote Bag

Shake Tote Bag



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Communities benefiting from the American Cancer Society.


20% of each purchase is donated directly to the American Cancer Society to help cancer initiatives in the U.S.


Provides health care, support, preventative care, research funding and myriad other resources in the fight to create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.


New York, New York

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Product Details


We are obviously fans of the tote, but never has one been so clever. Whether it's a winter vacation or a summer day, no one wants to take the beach home with them. This clever tote features a reversible flap that when pinned to either side can either cover or expose the mesh at the bottom of the bag. Bye-bye sand (or dirt and whatever else could be congregating at the bottom of your bag). How lovely is that?

Details & Care

18 ½ x 13 ⅖ x 6 inches. Coated canvas, nylon webbing, cotton webbing. Machine wash cold, hang dry.


Ships in 48 hours
30 Day Return Policy

Product Q&A

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Meet the Maker

Quirky <span style="display:none;">shake</span>
The things we wish we had invented: now do good!

Their story

Avid summer surfers and all around hilarious guys, celebrity chef Charlie Dougiello and his friend Spike Mendelsohn spend a lot of time at the beach. Waging a constant war against sand in their stuff, the two decided to solve their problem once and for all with a waterproof, mesh-bottom bag.

And so the Shake was born. Simple and effective, the Shake’s chic look and utilitarian nature took off with the Quirky community. Less than a year later, more than 500 units have been sold to beach bums and bag lovers around the world.

Why we love them

It would be hard for us to tell you how much we love this company. Having been Quirky fans from the start (no really, Ben, the start) we knew that we wanted to be up on whatever this company was doing. All. The. Time. We also knew they would be a great partner when it came to wanting to give back. The company just cares. A lot.

Quirky is a brand that speaks for the ideas. The ideas that we have all had the slightest thought about but couldn’t quite grasp. Or the ideas that are so out there but require at least some knowledge of manufacturing. Or the ideas that we so badly wanted to bring to life and just couldn’t seem to make the Sham Wow guy believe in. The company has started a revolution in idea making: if you can submit it and are cool with it getting changed up, improved, voted up, voted down and everything in between, then your idea could have a future in front of the masses.

When it came to community building, they wrote the book. Take all of your favorite, smartest, most creative thinkers in your life, and then ask if they know Quirky. Chances are, they do. And not only do they know the company, they are probably inventors, influencers or buyers of Quirky products, as Ben Kaufman's brainchild has now produced 403 products, supported by 629,000 influencers.

The products speak for themselves. All the things you wish you had at one time or another, put together on a beautiful, design-forward and fun to shop site alongside the stories of their inventors and influencers. On top of that, when you walk into their absolutely awesome office in New York, everyone at the company is just so damn nice. And cool. And very likely has the job you have always wanted in one way or another. Their community is welcoming, their conference rooms are named for whatever the table is made out of (yes, there are toilets under one table, which could be confusing on your first day) and you just want to be a part of this crew.

So we asked. And now, between Given Goods and Quirky, 20% of each purchase is going directly to the American Cancer Society. We couldn’t have picked a better partner than a company that believes in innovation, bringing great ideas to life and the power everyone possesses to invent something amazing.