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The Durham

The Durham



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School children in underserved communities across the U.S.


For every bag sold, STATE gives a backpack to a child in need to support a holistic education.


STATE works with educators and community leaders to identify the groups of kids most in need of backpacks, visits these children and hands out the bags while also giving a performance that introduces the STATE Badge system.


Brooklyn, New York

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The Durham never disappoints. With attention to detail from the zipper accents to the interior laptop sleeve and plenty of room for everything, this is a utility backpack that suits all styles. As durable as it is stylish, we love STATE’s take on the classic pack.

Details & Care

12 ½ inches wide x 16 ¼ inches high x 5 inches deep. 100% cotton. Zip closure. Internal laptop sleeve.


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Meet the Maker

Holistically improving kids lives, one GiveBackPack at a time.

Their story

This is not the first rodeo for Scot and Jacqueline Tatleman. The husband and wife team behind STATE Bags founded a non profit in 2009 called the Country Roads Foundation and both have worked in the non profit sector before. However, as they continued to seek funding for the many organizations they were involved with, there seemed to be a better way. Couple this with the fact that so many children who are a part of the Country Roads Foundation program were carrying all of their possessions in trash bags each day, and the idea for STATE was born.

For every STATE Bags bag or backpack bought, STATE will give one to a child in an impoverished community in America. These bags are distributed by a group of childhood development professionals who actually put on a performance at the now famous STATE Bag Drops. These performances set the stage for the real bread and butter of STATE: the Badge System. Six badges represent the STATE core values of acceptance, leadership, knowledge, conservation, courage and health and each child is encouraged to earn these badges in exchange for their new backpack.

This particular model has netted some pretty incredible results. STATE has given hundreds of backpacks to kids around the country which means they have also built relationships with each and every child who is now a proud STATE owner. The Badge system is also working: teachers see kids working to meet the goals of the values and heeding the words of the Packmen. With more and more products available, STATE hopes to reach hundreds of thousands of children in the future through their program that gives more than a backpack to be sure.

Why we love them

We work with a lot of amazing companies, but jumping on the phone with Scot Tatleman is a whole different experience. Scot and his wife Jacq are visionaries in the truest sense of the word: they saw a problem and instead of just solving for it one way, they wanted to solve for it completely. The first time we talked to Scot he had just finished up a week of the summer camp he still runs for urban kids - he sounded a bit exhausted but also energized and inspired. He saw first-hand what types of goals STATE needed to have for this year, and nothing was going to stop him from reaching them. He also sent us to watch the amazing videos on STATES site so we could get a better feel for the whole company and then we got addicted.

What drew us in wasn’t only the footage of excited, happy, sometimes singing and dancing kids, but also watching the Packmen interact with rooms full of children in a way that was so easily understood. With infectious respect, they are half performance artists, half child whisperers of the best kind: they help the backpacks the kids are getting mean a great deal more than simply a place to put their books. Those packs mean making good decisions and thinking through tricky situations, they mean careful consideration of how to treat others and how to pause in a hard moment. We found ourselves learning just as much as the kids.

We like to think we work with the best and the brightest in the buy-to-give movement today and STATE is certainly delivering.

The Durham
The Durham