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Twill Placemats

Twill Placemats



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Female artisans from Barefoot, a weaving collective in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Provides sustainable job opportunities for women in Sri Lanka.


Through fair trade practices and introducing the employees of Barefoot to the global market, Far & Wide Collective provide these female artisans with fair wages and the ability to learn valuable skills.


Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Product Details


These stunning placemats are as vibrant as the Sri Lankan culture they’re inspired by. Sold in sets of two, we can’t wait to mix and match to have a festive place setting for every meal. Who’s hungry?

Details & Care

Approximately 18 x 13 inches. 100% cotton. Set of two.


Ships in 72 hours
30 Day Return Policy

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Meet the Maker

Far & Wide Collective
Transforming lives through artisanal products.

Their story

Far & Wide Collective is your passport to discovering the kind of beautiful, unique and carefully made things usually hidden away in remote workshops and exotic bazaars. As founder Hedvig Christine Alexander says, the products’ “authenticity is unparalleled, as each handmade piece is uniquely linked to the artisan who created it.”

The company has a truly thoughtful model for selling fair trade accessories and crafts. A handpicked group of artisan partners, most of them women, focus solely on creating the best and most unique products, while the company takes care of bringing those products to you. Profits are reinvested threefold: to help artisan partners grow their businesses, to source new products, and to develop new artisan networks.

The idea for the company took hold when Alexander spent seven years in Afghanistan focusing on international development work. While living there and traveling throughout the region, she saw how even the most talented craftswomen and men were unable to connect with buyers abroad, despite increasing demand for their products. Online retail business models largely excluded emerging-market craft producers so Alexander decided to change that. She designed an online marketplace centered entirely around bringing a new segment of makers to the international market, and thus Far & Wide Collective was born.

“We have a passion for discovering the beautifully unique things one can only stumble upon in the tucked-away workshops and rural village markets on exotic travels,” says Hedvig Christine. “We have found these products—and the people who make them – and we are bringing them to you.”

Why we love them

With jewelers in Afghanistan, weavers in Sri Lanka and Kenya, embroiderers in Pakistan, and ceramicists in Uzbekistan and India, Far and Wide’s collective of global artisans are creating some truly gorgeous crafts.

We’re lucky that Hedvig Christine has set up a business model to bring such exotic items into our homes without our actually having to travel far and wide. It’s hard to put a label on the brand’s style since each piece is a unique creation with ties to the artisan who made it, but we trust in her fantastic eye. Take one look at their hand embroidered jackets, gorgeous saris and scarves, or vibrant throw pillows, and you’ll see what we mean.

The company is wholly committed to creating real change in these communities through sustainable economic growth, a topic that not only drives her business but is also something Hedvig Christine knows well from years of study and work abroad. She is wholly committed to her artists, sharing their work with the world, and bettering as many lives attached to each item purchased as possible. So each product you buy is not only an investment in style. It’s also an investment in social good.

Twill Placemats
Twill Placemats