Uses of valuable items EAS security system tags

Uses of valuable items EAS security system tags

Urine investigation, or EAS, is one of the largest part custom tests in the quantifiable analysis laboratory and is generally used for the reason of diagnosis and prediction of urological and universal diseases. The way covers the premise of kidney purpose and its features. Well, that depends on your monthly get smaller cost and kind/size of sell you have. There are various products and system possibilities when it gets to the estar eas security method, depending on the range of the trade number of sell and type of trade. The simple way to find the resolution that fits your requirements greatest is to let our protection solutions, expert, guide you

The Gateway advertises clothing protection tag and fresh and is self-important to be known as a supplier of great excellence and great service. At access, we can support modify the security system to meet up your needs. If you desire more details about our consumer goods, then please feel free to call us to get in touch.

Activation of Eas security tag

The perform of attractive an EAS tag or label from a closed state wherever it will not basis an alarm to a active state anywhere it is in message through an EAS/ protection exposure system and a sound will echo. A device used to make active tags and label so they are in communication with the EAS/ projection exposure system.

One of the numbers of occurrences is used in electronic object supervision. AM make out EAS antenna and protection tags converse at a frequency of 55 kHz, which means an indicator is sent out in beat or explode between 60 and 90 times a second.

Uses of valuable items EAS security system tags

Supporting and protecting tag

It is fashioned by the greatest ABS plastic textile so that it has a very well-built plastic shell for goods protection; another artificial material is not eligible to produce this durable tag. The security device of EAS protection EAS alarm tag is three balls handle, we accept modified, the client can choose normal or super, even very great lock, To meet the various needs of different clients for an anti-theft durable tag, high excellence eas lock make sound the alarm tag secure the box tightly, It’s hard to loosen without authorization.

It is then available with an attractive detacher. It will reason eas both RF and AM method to alarm if detached from the store. We recognize all types of OEM/ODM eas durable tags or other eas equipment for different estar security tag organization.