In the polluted world where the air is becoming more and more dangerous, we need a solution. While it’s not impossible to control the outside environment, it’s a big change that needs to happen globally. However, one of the best gifts we found is the AROEVE Air Purifier which purifies your air in the most Ozone-free way possible. 

Air Purifiers can be dull. However, the AROEVE Air Purifier packs a punch with its unique features, connectivity, and quality. So, let’s talk about AROEVE and why it’s the perfect gift for your friends and family.

Introducing the AROEVE Air Purifier

Image Courtesy of LEVOIT

AROEVE Air Purifier is made by LEVOIT, the number one Air Purifier brand for Single Rooms. The key highlight of AROEVE is its ability to completely freshen up the environment, giving you a sense of home and cleanliness. According to the company, it traps around 99.97% of airborne particles. 

Hence, the AROEVE is a perfect gift for people in American states like Ohio, where the air isn’t the best quality. Another cool feature of this Air Purifier is its quietness. Most purifiers tend to make a lot of noise while doing their job. However, the AROEVE is as quiet as 24db, making it harder even to notice. 

However, one of the biggest features that users love about this Air Purifier is its ability to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You increase the intensity with just one good command, turn off the air purifier, and do much more. 

You can also control the air purifier virtually anywhere using the smart control app. Hence, if you want to maintain your house’s vibe, you can manage it from anywhere worldwide. So, let’s talk about the features of AROEVE and why it’s the perfect gift for your friends and family. 


Image Courtesy of LEVOIT

Smart Controls

The most popular feature of the AROEVE is its ability to be controlled using a smartphone. The Air Purifier can be controlled with a voice assistant, making it easier to control. Moreover, with the official application, you can see the status, like the battery and how much intensity of the Air Purifier is set. 

Overall, the AROEVE Air Purifier is more than just a regular product because it has so many smart controls you can use. 

Peaceful and Energy Saving

Another benefit of gifting the AROEVE or owning it yourself is the energy efficiency it brings. The Air Purifier makes a sound as little as 24 dB, making it almost inaudible. Moreover, thanks to the Rubber Shock Pads, the whole vibration decreases, making it easier for you to sleep easily. 

Vortexair Technology 

Lastly, we have the Vortexair Technology version 3.0 that LEVOIT has worked on, making the product more efficient and better. The AROEVE Air Purifier has a three-filtration process that eliminates around 99.97% of airborne particles and ensures the best possible air quality around you. 

Who is this gift ideal for?

The AROEVE Air Purifier is ideal for people who are hygiene conscious and want the best possible air around them. Whether it’s your friends, family, or someone close to you who’s looking forward to using an air purifier, it’s a perfect gift to make your loved ones remember your kindness. 

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