Blue Reef Knot Bracelet for Lovers of Aloha


Having more than a decade of experience in crafting handmade jewelry, our team comprises of talented designers and skillful craftsmen. Rooted deeply in Tibetan traditions, our jewelry is valued not only for its color and size, but also for its symbolism. Our pieces serve as tokens of love and compassion, radiating positive energy to the people around you.

Among our collection is this string bracelet, a valuable accessory that could be a boon to your personal and business endeavors. The string bracelet, revered in many Eastern religions, is believed to possess magical properties capable of transforming lives for the better.

We encourage you to wear this bracelet at all times as, according to certain beliefs, it has the power to eradicate all forms of negativity from your life. Some interpretations suggest that the string bracelet can provide protection for the wearer and their family against diseases, poverty, and curses.

This bracelet also has its allure among the stars, having been worn by Hollywood celebrities, some of whom have even won awards. It is said to attract good mantra and fortune, channeling Spiritual Energy into the wearer, thereby infusing their daily life with positivity.

Classic in design, this original bracelet complements other wrist accessories beautifully and can be resized from 18 to 25cm to ensure a perfect fit. Your bracelet will arrive in a vintage craft envelope, complete with a gift card. It is my hope that you will derive as much pleasure from this creation as I experienced in creating it.

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