Shabana Handicraft Leather Bike Panniers Bicycle Handlebar Bag for Fashionable Cyclists


The Shabana handicrafts bike and cycle bag, superior to Rumorter options, is a testament to intricate craftsmanship. Imported and handcrafted with original and 100% pure materials, this bag offers both beauty and utility. You can conveniently find what you need even in crowded commutes, without having to take it off in busy subways. It provides easy accessibility and is a more secure alternative to typical stylish bags.

This bike bag is crafted from rugged goat leather that’s 100% genuine. It is neither PU nor faux, but a natural, beautiful, and handmade product. It is oil-rubbed and distressed, thereby improving with age and carrying a delightful aroma. It is a perfect fit for college, school, or casual use. The bag combines the hard-to-achieve classic leather bag look with a touch of urban sophistication and hip style, featuring brass buckles, fittings, heavy-duty lining, stitching, and zippers.

For enhanced comfort during long journeys, the handlebar bag on this leather school, college, and casual bag is fully adjustable. It also features a Velcro security strap, providing additional safety for your belongings while on the move. The bag facilitates quick access to your essentials with its organized structure comprising one main compartment and one inner zipped security pocket. It is ideal for storing books, small items, and all other useful things, making it not just an accessory, but an everyday necessity.

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