Punching bags have been around for centuries, but they all have one common problem: installation.  There’s too much on stake, from putting them on walls to drilling holes. Moreover, if you’re renting a property, you might also need a permit before installing one. 

In this blog, we have a perfect gift idea for all MMA or boxing lovers. The Everlast Unisex Power Core Freestanding Punch Bag is ideal for your friends, family, and anyone interested in fighting. But before that, let’s talk about all the problems you encounter by buying a traditional punching bag as a gift. 

The Problem With Traditional Punching Bag

The biggest problem that comes with a traditional punching bag is installation. If you’re gifting it to someone, you might want to gift something easy to install and get ready. However, with traditional hung-up bags, it’s almost impossible for you to avoid problems.

Moreover, attaching is not an option if your friends live in an apartment or a hostel. The second problem with punching bags is that they can doesn’t allow for a full MMA or Muay Thai experience. 

For example, it’s impossible with a traditional punching bag if you want to take down and practice elbows, wrestling, and more. These bags can also tear fairly easily, making it difficult to gift to someone. However, there’s an easy and innovative solution by Everlast! 

The Everlast Powercore Standing Punching Bag

Image Courtesy of Everlast

Standing punching bags have seen quite a hype due to their portable design, making it easier to move from point A to point B. The Everlast Standing Punching Bag comes with a 22-inch width and 54-inch height, making it perfect as a gift. 

It comes with an Air-foam chamber that provides a realistic feel, and the design makes more sense than a traditional bag. If you know someone who’s a big MMA fan, they will appreciate the Everlast Standing Bag because it can easily be filled with water or sand. 

The package only weighs 13.17 kilograms, which makes it easier to move around, and it is made with synthetic material, which gives premium vibes. Here are the benefits that you get by buying the Everlast Standing Bag as a gift. 

  1. Perfect Gift for MMA Lovers:

Mixed Martial Arts fans or fighters need an innovative solution that lets them practice their punching, kicking, and wrestling. Thankfully, the Everlast Standing Punching Bag is the perfect solution since it lets users train in all martial arts. 

  1. Portable Design:

The standing bag has a portable design, making it easy to move from place to place. Unlike the wall punching bag, the Everlast Standing Bag can be pushed to various places easily and effectively. 

  1. Does Not Fall Easily:

Unlike other standing bag products, the Everlast Standing Bag doesn’t fall easily. It takes a lot of punching power and twists to move it, making it a good choice for advanced fighters. 

Who is this a good gift for?

We recommend this product to people who watch combat sports like Karate, Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, and more. It is a great gift for young people with blazing confidence or fighters willing to take their fighting abilities to the next level.

For all genders, kids, and adults, the Everlast Standing Punching Bag is the best gift for MMA lovers. 

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