Parties and having fun are a part of everyone’s lives. But don’t you think a golfer’s life is too calm? If you have any golfing friends, then pranking them or gifting them exploding golf balls will be the most hilarious experience of their lives. 

Friends always prank each other, and modern-day pranks have become quite repetitive. The JP Lann Store has provided us with one of the best prank ideas well-suited for your golf lover friends. 

So what is this product, and why should you give this to your friends? Let’s find out. 

Introducing Exploding Golf Balls

Golf balls are the favorite thing for a golfer because they only focus on hitting them and putting them in the hole. Well, what if you surprise your friends with an exploding golf ball? It will surely take them by surprise, and you’ll even hear some screams from them.

The exploding golf balls are an exciting prank for birthdays, bachelor parties, Christmas stockings, or even on the pitch where your friends play the most. It’s an all-in-one solution for people looking to prank their friends and maybe even get a few laughs. 

The best part about this prank gift is that after surprising your friends, you can give each of them one pair of exploding balls. It’s because the gift comes with a pack of 4 that looks just like a golf ball but will burst and vanish into a huge cloud of smoke whenever it’s impacted.

You can throw the ball against something solid or play a game with your friends and surprise them directly; there are endless possibilities that you can take and catch your friends off guard. So what contents do you get from buying these explosive golf balls? Well, let’s find out. 


Pack of 4

The first key highlight of exploding golf balls is that they are available in a pack of 4. The total number of exploding balls you get on such a small budget is 4, so you can have a lot of fun and games. These balls will be ideal when you want to surprise your friend or even give them one. 

Exploding Balls

The main mechanism of exploding golf balls is that they burst and vanish in a cloud of white smoke when it is impacted. If you’re a naughty lad, then you know what to do. Imagine mixing the fake golf balls with the real ones while your friends play.

Once their racket impacts the ball, it will instantly explode and surprise their friends, leaving them in shock. However, always know the person that you want to trick. If they have any underlying heart issues, avoid them because they can cause some problems. 

Great for Parties

The exploding golf balls are ideal for birthdays, bachelor parties, Christmas stockings, and even on the field to showcase your sense of humor to your friends and everyone else. But be careful when you want to explode because you wouldn’t want to scare the wrong person. 

Who is this Gift Ideal for?

Exploding golf balls are ideal for your friends, especially those playing golf. Because having fun while they’re playing and pranking them in the most unique way possible can be done here. You can check the pricing below. 

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