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Fold and Play Giant Baby Playpen with Mat for New Parents with House Space


Our spacious playpen, measuring 47x47x26.5 inches (120x120x68cm), provides an expansive and safe play area for your child. It comfortably accommodates toys, friends, and even adults, offering ample room for the baby to crawl, walk, stand, and play freely. The design, specifically crafted for babies aged 6 months to 6 years, incorporates a scientific safety height of 26.5 inches to ensure safer play when the baby is standing or crawling.

Complying with CPC standards, our playpen is made from resistant-duty encryption Oxford cloth and features strong fabric net sidings, ensuring both durability and safety. Its eco-friendly, BPA-free, and non-toxic materials are enhanced by a robust stainless steel frame. The structure includes a built-in anti-collision sponge at the upper steel pipe and joints to protect the baby’s head, lips, and gums from potential injuries. We’ve also added pull handles, convenient for hanging things or aiding the baby to pull itself up.

To cushion any potential falls, we include a 0.4-inch double-sided pattern foldable playmat. This high-elasticity XPE soft mat is not only perfect for the playpen but can also be used independently. The mat has two colorful, textured sides to engage the baby and support crawling practice. Cleaning the mat is a breeze – it folds up easily and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Our playpen features a 360-degree wide-angle field of view, made possible by breathable mesh sides that allow for interaction at any time. The external zipper design facilitates controlling the baby’s entry and exit, preventing the baby from climbing out independently and sustaining any bumps. The entire fence is wrapped in soft cloth, eliminating exposed gaps and making it safer than plastic playpens.

Finally, the playpen is designed with multiple protection measures for maximum stability. It includes a strong suction cup fixation suitable for various grounds, and a steel pipe structure capable of bearing up to 60kg, ensuring it can’t be easily pushed over. The assembly, storage, and cleaning of the playpen are straightforward, thanks to stainless steel pipes and ABS joint connections. A provided bag makes it easy to store and transport.

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