Since summer is here, everyone’s going to use air conditioners. However, things have changed significantly with the rise of smart technology and AI. You see, in the past, we used remote controls, and there was a time when everything worked by clicking a button. 

However, smart home has changed the game. We have ecobee’s smart thermostat system that allows anyone to set the temperature of their home without having to find the remote control or even go out of bed. 

One of the biggest disadvantages of using a remote for AC is setting the thermostats manually. However, the Smart Thermostat Enhanced product connects with your whole system and allows you to set your home’s temperature effectively. 

Introducing ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced

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Ecobee Smart Thermostat is the perfect gift for families since it allows 26% yearly savings on heating and cooling costs. With electricity pricing at an all-time high, for a small price tag, it can give you a huge return.

What makes ecobee so interesting is its ability to change the temperature without you having to find a remote and get out of bed. It can be integrated with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. So if you have any of those devices, you know the temperature control is just a click away. 

You can also add in SmartSensor that allows you to measure the temperature in each room, making the Smart Thermostat even more effective. However, it comes at some extra cost. Nevertheless, this smart thermostat system will prove revolutionary if you want to give families the perfect gift. 

The best part about ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced is that it is easy to install, and most people can install it in just 45 minutes. 

You can use your smart home platforms and the ecobee app to control your thermostats from anywhere. 


Image Courtesy of ecobee Store

Smart Home Integration: ecobee thermostats often come with compatibility for popular smart home ecosystems like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and more. This lets you control the thermostat using voice commands or dedicated mobile apps.

Room Sensors

ecobee devices typically include room sensors that can detect occupancy and temperature in different areas of your home. This feature enables more precise temperature control by adjusting the HVAC settings based on the occupied rooms, helping optimize comfort and energy efficiency.

Energy Saving Insights 

Smart thermostats often provide detailed energy reports and insights, allowing you to track and analyze your energy usage patterns. This information helps you make informed decisions about energy-saving adjustments, potentially reducing utility bills.


Many smart thermostats, including ecobee models, offer geofencing capabilities. Geofencing uses your smartphone’s location to detect when you’re approaching or leaving home. It can automatically adjust the temperature settings accordingly, ensuring that your home is comfortable when you arrive while conserving energy when you’re away.

Who is this Gift Ideal for?

The ecobee Smart thermostat is ideal for anyone looking to implement smart homes in their houses. It extends the working of the thermostat system in homes and gives users better control over temperature. 

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