Nowadays, many people work at desks all day, not burning calories by moving from point A to B. That’s why, in countries like the US, the obesity rate has been alarming due to less movement and more calorie intake.

It wasn’t like this when we compared it to the older times. People used to be fit and healthy. However, as technology progressed, the obesity rate increased, causing many diseases like heart attacks and more.

If you know someone who works all day from the desk or just works from home, we have the perfect gift for them. So, let’s talk about the Under Desk Bike and how it is the perfect gift for online workers. 

Introducing the Wakeman Under Desk Bike

Image Courtesy of Wakeman Store

The Wakeman Under Desk Bike, as the name suggests, is a bike that goes under your table, and while you’re working or just sitting, you can move the paddle and potentially burn many calories. It comes in a compact form where putting it under the table won’t be a problem as long as it is high enough.

Moreover, it includes adjustable resistance, making it progressively harder to paddle as the user levels up. The Wakeman Under Desk Bike is designed for people looking to burn extra calories and fat from their bodies while working at their job or home. 

If your job incorporates sitting in front of the screen all day, the Wakeman Under Desk Bike is the perfect solution. It is a perfect gift for your fitness-loving friends, friends who need to lose weight, and someone who works from home.

Moreover, the Wakeman Under Desk BIke also comes with a sturdy design and doesn’t slip like many other faulty products. It doesn’t need to be powered in an outlet as it uses AAA batteries. 

The stationary bike also contains an electronic LED screen that tells you the process like time, distance, and a lot more useful metrics to play with. Now, let’s talk about its features.

Features of Wakeman Under Desk Bike

Image Courtesy of Wakeman Store

Adjustable Resistance

The key-highlight of Wakeman Under Desk Bike is its adjustable resistance. Just like a normal stationary bike, you can make it progressively hard so there’s a lot of progress. Our muscles get used to the same resistance, and it doesn’t hit the same like it used to.

Hence, by progressively making the exercise harder, you can make sure to keep burning those calories with time. 

LED Screen

The LED screen is an important element of any stationary bike as it allows you to track a lot of useful data. In Wakeman’s case, you can track time, distance, calories, count, and total count. For people who are fitness freaks, this data will allow them to actively chase a goal and potentially reach it before the end of their work shift. 

Who is this Gift Useful For?

The Walkman’s Under Desk Bike is a great gift for anyone who is looking to burn calories while working on their job, business, side-hustle, or just watching their TV shows. You can gift this to your friends, family members, or anyone you think can make the full use of it.

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