Chess has recently grown due to many creators like ChessGotham, Botez Sisters, xQc, and players like Magnus Carlson and Hikaru Nakamura. However, playing chess online can become boring, so we’ve brought you the perfect gift for any friend. 

But this chessboard isn’t like the ordinary. It is an electronic chess board that LEXiBOOK makes. It has many unique features like computer auto-play, anti-cheat, 64 levels of difficulty, a family child board game, and a lot more. 

Introducing Lexibook Chessman

Image Courtesy of LEXiBOOK Store

Lexibook Chessman is a chess set incorporating technology to enhance the playing experience. Unlike traditional chess sets, Lexibook Chessman consists of a physical board with embedded sensors and an electronic display.

Lexibook Chessman allows players to make their moves on the physical board, and the sensors detect and register them. The moves are then displayed on the electronic screen, providing real-time feedback and allowing players to see the position of the pieces and track the progress of the game.

One of the main advantages of the Lexibook Chessman board is its ability to connect to a computer or online platform. This connectivity allows players to engage in various features and functionalities, such as playing against artificial intelligence programs, participating in online multiplayer games, analyzing games with computer assistance, and accessing extensive chess databases for study and reference.

Overall, the Lexibook Chessman board combines the timeless game of chess with modern technology, offering players a unique and versatile way to enjoy and improve their chess skills. It combines the tactile pleasure of moving physical pieces with the convenience and capabilities of digital connectivity, making it a popular choice for casual players and serious chess enthusiasts.


Image Courtesy of LEXiBOOK Store


Like the website, the Lexibook Chessman has levels and puzzles that beginners can solve to level up their chess game. It contains 64 difficulty levels that are divided into four different play games. 

Hence, if you know someone just starting chess, then the Lexibook Chessman is the perfect gift for them. 

Rating System

Like the rating system in chess, the Lexibook Chessman contains a total of 1800 playing rating systems which is the highest. However, it’s not too advanced since some people have over 2000 ratings on platforms like LiChess and
Nevertheless, the rating system makes Lexibook quite challenging and fun at the same time. So if you’re looking for the easiest or the most challenging computer moves, the Lexibook Chessman has got you covered.

2 Players Mode & Vs. Computer Mode

As we’ve already discussed, the board contains a computer mode, but it also lets you play with your friends like a normal chess board game. The beauty of Lexibook Chessman is that it features both ends of the battle.

If you have friends coming over, you can make a good match out of them. Moreover, if you want to practice against a computer, you also have that option. All in all, Lexibook Chessman’s versatility makes it the perfect gift. 

Who is this Gift Ideal for?

Lexibook Chessman is perfect for chess lovers and newbies in chess. The reason is that it’s challenging enough for the veteran and easy enough for someone who’s just started playing chess. If you’re looking to buy Lexibook Chessman, visit the link down below. 

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