Long-distance friendship and love can be tough at times. It is one of the toughest things to go through in life. You don’t get to see the other person often. Maybe you talk to them on the phone or video, but the real sensation is different.

In this digital age, we have a lot of online friendships and couples. Or your loved ones live a bit far from you. In any case, one gift can bring you closer to them and let them remember everything when they go to bed and wake up. 

Introducing the LuvLink Friendship Lamps

Image Courtesy of LuvLink Store

The LuvLink Friendship Lamps come with a set of two multi-colored LED lamps that are ideal for long-distance friendships and relationships. It’s a perfect gift for couples, anniversaries, loved ones, and more. 

But it’s not just a regular lamp since it has many features. The LuvLink app is where things get interesting. The app allows you to tap and send color to your loved ones anywhere. There’s a secret code that you can create and send to them. 

The secret code can mean anything you two have decided, creating a deeper link between two people. The unique thing about this gift is that it comes with 256 color options with four different animations. Hence, with just the tap of a button, it makes you seem like you’re closer to the person you miss the most. 

Another unique thing about LuvLink Lamps is that you can manage groups and devices. Adding new friends and family members lets you find who’s online and what color everyone has.

The gift makes everyone you love feel close to you without actually being closer to you. There’s also a set sleep timer that can give you a break from all the cute madness.

Lastly, the brightness feature is ideal for when you want the lamp to be turned on and set its brightness. 

Now let’s talk about the features you get with LuvLink.


Image Courtesy of LuvLink Store

Colors and Animations

The biggest highlight of LuvLink is its ability to change color and animations. Everyone has a different color choice. LuvLink thought of that and gave 256 unique colors you can set to any one of your likings. By just tapping a button, both lamps will have matching colors, allowing for a deeper connection with the person you’re linked to.

For couples, it’s a romantic feature that can bring you two close, especially when you’re not seeing each other for a long time. The animations are nice, allowing you to choose from the four predefined styles. 

Hence, both colors and animations are where things are most fun-to-use. 

Android and iOS Apps

Another perk of LuvLink is the smart in-built features. The application is available on iOS and Android that you can use to set up and manage your friendship lamps. With the app, you can send colors and leverage many features to give you a good experience. 

The app also has a sleep timer, brightness control, friend management, and more. 

Who is this Gift Ideal For?

The LuvLink is ideal for people looking to give their better half or friends a gift they will never forget. It keeps you closer to them, allowing you to care about your loved ones more than anything. 

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