Regarding your partner, choosing a gift is hard, and we understand. With so much diversity of gifts, you can get confused. However, they are universal, don’t depend on gender, and are so unique that they will make your partner cherish their relationship the most. 

One of those gifts is the personalized Spotify acrylic plaque. If you’re familiar with the trends, Spotify has been increasingly popular since it allows you to stream music in the most professional and fun manner. 

Well, music is a deep connection between you and your partner, and if you gift this plaque with your favorite image with your partner and a song of your choice, it becomes the perfect decoration piece for you. 

Introducing EGD Personalized Spotify Plaque

Image Courtesy of EGD

One of the best wedding anniversary gifts you can give to your better half is the acrylic song Spotify plaque. You might be aware of the trend that’s going on in social media. Spotify allows its listeners to share their favorite music album art and song names on Instagram.

Similarly, the Spotify plaque is a real-life decoration piece that allows you to print your own image with your favorite song that you want to resonate with your loved ones. What’s unique is that you can even print out a QR code that will take anyone who scans it to the Spotify link of the song. 

The EGD Spotify plaque is ideal for occasions like wedding anniversaries or birthdays, or you can just gift it to your partner as a token of appreciation. The product doesn’t cost much and fits most people’s budgets. Moreover, there’s a lot to love about this gift, so let’s talk about all the key highlights of the personalized Spotify plaque. 



When it comes to quality,  there are two materials used in the EGD Spotify acrylic. The first one is wood, and the second one is acrylic. It’s a similar glass material that looks unique, but you should be careful with its safety since it can break like glass too.

On the other hand, the quality is top-notch, making the best gift for anyone, like partners, friends, families, or something you cherish the most. 


The main highlight of Spotify Acrylic is that it’s completely customizable. You can ask for multiple materials, like wood, glass, and cases, to make your gift special. Moreover, the plaque is customizable, meaning you can have your most liked picture on the album art. 

After that, you can also pick your favorite song and author’s name to be engraved on the plaque, making it unique. 

Song Code

Unlike many other Acrylics where you don’t have a QR option, EGD offers one where anyone can directly access their favorite song by scanning the code on the acrylic. It’s as simple as pulling out a phone, opening the camera, and letting it handle everything.

Who is this Gift Ideal for?

Image Courtesy of EGD

The EGD personalized Spotify acrylic is ideal for partners, friends, family, and anyone with whom you cherish your memories the most. Since it’s a decoration piece, you can even gift it to your couple of friends so they can add it somewhere in their home. 

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