Grooming hair and self-care are quite important nowadays. While many groomers are in the market, buying them individually will cost you a lot of money. Hence, Philips developed an innovative solution for the all-in-one trimmer series. 

Having a low-quality trimmer can not only damage your skin and not cut your hair properly, but it can also heat up a lot. There are a lot of common problems that are associated with groomers. Hence, most people opt for a grooming kit or a multi-groomer like the Philips Norelco. 

Here are some of the most common problems with today’s grooming kits.

Problem with Groomers for Men

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Grooming machines, or electric shavers or trimmers, are popular tools men use to maintain their facial hair and hairstyle. However, some problems can arise when using grooming machines for men. Here are a few:

Skin irritation: Some men may experience skin irritation, redness, or razor burn when using grooming machines, particularly if they have sensitive skin. This can be due to the blades being too sharp, the machine being used too aggressively, or not lubricating the skin before shaving.

Limited styling options: While grooming machines are versatile tools, they may offer different levels of styling options than manual razors or scissors. Men who prefer more elaborate or creative facial hairstyles may need additional tools to achieve their desired look.

Battery life: Many grooming machines rely on rechargeable batteries, which can sometimes lose their charge quickly or not hold a charge for long periods. This can be inconvenient, particularly if the user is traveling or in a hurry.

Cost: Grooming machines can be relatively expensive, particularly if they come with additional features or attachments. Some men may find that they need to purchase multiple machines or replacement parts over time, which can add up in cost.


Image Courtesy of Philips

13-in-1 Attachment

The key highlight of the Philips Norelco is its 13-in-1 design. You get a full-size steel trimmer, a steel precision trimmer, a nose and ear hair trimmer, three trimming guards, three beard trimming guards, a stubble guard, and an accessory travel bag. With so many tools, you’ll never need a beard or any grooming kit. 

Moreover, the build quality is quite nice, letting you maintain high-quality facial hair without the risk of messing it up. Lately, unlike many other competitors, the Philips Norelco doesn’t need oil to maintain its high performance. All the accessories are easy to detach and rinse. 

DualCut Technology

Philips Dual Cut Technology is a type of technology used in many Philips grooming and hair-cutting products. It involves a system in which the blades of the cutting element are designed to rub against each other precisely, resulting in a more efficient and smooth cutting experience.

The technology uses two blades, both sharpened, to ensure they cut accurately and cleanly. As the blades rub against each other, they create a self-sharpening effect that helps to keep the blades sharp over time. This means the blades stay sharp for longer, requiring less maintenance and replacement.

Final Verdict

Philips Norelco is an ideal gift for men looking to find an easy solution that will let them trim and stylize their beards. If you know someone who regularly goes to the barber, then gifting this product will ease them. 

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