This compact gold panning kit includes all the necessary tools for a successful day of gold recovery in the field. The kit comprises ASR Outdoor dual riffle pans, a heavy-duty sand scoop, a mini sluice box, and an assortment of cleaning and storage equipment such as plastic pipettes, glass vials, and magnifying tweezers.

The 12-inch mini sluice box, made from durable and weatherproof aluminum, is ready to use straight out of the box without the need for tools or assembly. The box also features V-shaped ribbed rubber matting, optimized for fine gold recovery.

The kit’s components are conveniently stored in a multipurpose black drawstring backpack. This design ensures the kit is easily portable, well-organized, and can be effortlessly transported to and from your prospecting site.

In addition to gold recovery equipment, the kit includes a selection of practical tools to clean and store gold, gems, or other minerals found during your panning adventures. A pipette and snifter bottle assist in cleaning your finds, while glass vials are provided for storage. The magnifying tweezers facilitate closer examination of your treasures.

To summarize, this lightweight, portable gold prospecting kit includes 10-inch and 12-inch dual riffle pans, a prospector’s sand scoop, a black sand magnet tool, tweezers, a plastic pipette, glass vials, a mini sluice box, a snifter bottle, a sifter with 30 holes per inch, and a drawstring backpack for easy transportation.

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